Preparing for a shoot


With my BnB (Bed and Breakfast/Beauty and Boudoir) shoot coming up and my Truth is Beauty project under way I figured this would be a good time to write an open post about how to prepare for a boudoir or nude photo shoot.

Waistbands, bra straps, elastic, or anything that hugs the body, will cause creases in the skin. Since I prefer to do minimal retouching and frequently use lighting that will highlight those creases it it preferable to keep them to a minimum and eliminate them if at all possible.

How do you minimize these skin creases? The best thing to do is wear loose clothing for at least an hour before arriving to the shoot. Soft materials with little to no texture will also help keep the skin looking natural.

Here are some examples that I have seen others do that worked well:

  • sun dress

  • t-shirt and sweats (very loose waistband and no elastic at the ankles)

  • robe or wrap (these are also recommended for covering up between looks during a shoot)

  • jammies (same rule as sweats)

What should I bring to the shoot? If the shoot involves lingerie it is best to select items that fit comfortably without being tight. We want to capture the natural curves, not the ones created by straps. Accessories are a great thing to bring to a shoot. Jewelry, hats, scarves, etc. Show your personality!

The last tip I have would be to be comfortable. Do some aroma therapy while getting ready at home. Get a makeover. Bring wine. The more comfortable you are during the process the better the pics will be. This should be a fun experience and I want you to be in love with the results.